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Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know Poket.

What is Poket?

How can I get Poket?

Is my Poket account insured?

Transaction Fees and Transaction Limits.

Are there fees for using Poket?

Poket Reward Points.

What are Poket reward points? How do I get more points?

Is there a limit to Poket reward points I can accumulate?

Managing Deposits and Withdrawals.

How to deposit money into Poket?

How long does a deposit take to arrive into Poket?

How can I withdraw funds from Poket?

What are withdrawal fees?

Verifying Your Account.

What documents are required to verify my account?

How long does it take to verify my account?

Earning with Poket.

How do I refer Poket to my friends or business contacts?

What are Poket rebates and how do I earn them?

How frequently are Poket rebates distributed to Poket users?

How does Poket earn rebates on my deposit?

Paying with Poket.

Where can I pay with Poket?

How can I request a refund?

What about Whitelisting?

What is whitelisting? How does it work?

Connecting with the Poket team.

How do I connect with the Poket team?

What if I have an idea for a new feature or a complaint?

Joining the Poket team.

Are you hiring?